Air Cargo Air Freight Need To Go Through What Procedures?

- Jul 03, 2017 -

  Air cargo Air Freight need to go through what procedures? How to better transport the goods to the destination earlier? Therefore, to understand the operation of Air Freight logistics is very necessary, save time and effort.

  Air Freight five-step operation of the logistics process

  1, for consignment

  The foreign trade companies and industry and trade enterprises in the preparation of goods, received letters of credit by the audit (or modified) correct, you can handle the consignment, that is, according to the letter of credit and the contract terms of shipment, as well as the name of the goods, Air Freight the number of , The date of shipment, the destination, etc. to fill in the "consignment note" and provide the relevant documents, sent to the shipping company as a basis for flights.

  2, arrange the cargo hold

  Sinotrans company will receive the consignment note and the relevant documents, together with China Civil Aviation, according to the loading principle, the nature of the goods, Air Freight the number of cargo, destination, etc., combined flight, arrange accommodation, and then issued by the China Civil Aviation air waybill.

  3, loading, installed

  Sinotrans company according to the flight, on behalf of the foreign trade companies or industry and trade enterprises to the warehouse to pick up the goods sent to the airport, with the loading documents to the goods to the designated space for shipment.

  4, issue a consignment note

  After the completion of the cargo installed by the Chinese Civil Aviation issued a total air waybill, Sinotrans company issued air waybill, air waybill has three copies, Air Freight a copy of twelve copies. The original three, the first to the consignor, the second by the Sinotrans company retained, the third with the goods counterparts to the consignee. A copy of twelve as a declaration, financial settlement, foreign agents, transfer distribution and other purposes.

  5, issued a shipping notice

  After the goods are installed, they can send the shipping notice to the buyer so that they can prepare the payment, redeem the bill and handle the goods.

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