Advantages Of International Air Freight

- Aug 09, 2017-

  Advantages of international Air Freight

  International Air Freight service providers and major airlines are directly working, the cost is relatively low, so the freight naturally lower than the way express. Such as the larger and heavier goods through the air in the billing to dominate. Air Freight is the main international airlines as long as the airport can do, there is almost no blind spot, and express the difference is that they are based on the distance to the charges and the courier is sometimes to see and local trade How much billing. For example, such as Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, West Asia, Latin America and Africa and other countries in the express service are located in remote countries are particularly high in the billing, in which case we choose the appropriate way to air.

  The advantages of Express Courier

  Express Courier's main service is a file class and small pieces of parcels, so his starting price is lower than air, time is also faster, international courier companies are their own network, in the cargo tracking and query will be more convenient, And there will be a detailed transit record. There is a courier service is the way door to door, you can replace the customer for customs clearance, customs clearance, commodity inspection and other procedures.

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