A Standard And Harmonized Approach

- May 17, 2016-

To develop a more proactive relationship with customs administrations, IATA collaborates with the airfreight supply chain partners through the GACAG Trade Facilitation Task Force. In addition, IATA has established a group of airlines experts in customs matters, the Customs Advisory Workgroup (CUSAG). This group develops industry position papers and deals with security and customs issues:

WTO Bali Agreement

IATA welcomes the World Trade Organization (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement that emerged from the Bali Ministerial Conference in December 2013. The document contains significant trade facilitation requirements and recommendations with regard to customs operations. These are intended to lead, in time, to important reductions in the cost of trade through actions in four main areas:

  • Transparency within the government to promote openness and accountability

  • Simplification to eliminate all unnecessary duplications in trade procedures, and to enable automation of cargo processes

  • Harmonization of national regulations and procedures with international conventions and agreements

  • Standardization of international processes and practices, documents and information agreed by various recognized international bodies

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