A Power Outage Caused By The Delta Computer System Paralyzed The World And More Affected

- Aug 09, 2016 -

August 9, according to foreign media reports, the airline that amount to the United States on the 8th of this month said the company suffered a major disruption of the full system network ", it around the world, the number of flights delay. In the world, there are tens of thousands of passengers travel affected.

Delta said in a statement, the company's global computer system paralysis, affecting all flights on Monday morning. Waiting for the departure of the flight delays, flight on the way to run the normal flight.

Delta Airlines for passengers before departure, to inquire about the flight information. The company promised to solve the problem as soon as possible. However, on the 8 day a lot of flights were canceled, the company hopes to understand in the apology with a passenger.

According to reports, Delta Airlines explanation says, the Atlanta than EST at 2 o'clock in the morning and 38 blackouts, which to the airline's computer system impact, thereby affecting the company's flight around the world. The airline offers 5000 flights every day.

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