A Chinese Cargo Ship In The South China Sea Cargo Ship Sank In Vietnam

- Aug 11, 2016-

According to foreign media maritime news network news, August 8, in the evening, the South China Sea, a boat Guo Shun 21 general cargo ship and a ship small Vietnamese cargo ship Thanh dat 01 collision, resulting in Thanh dat 01 sank. Two people are missing.

Allegedly the site of the incident in Vung Tau 120 nautical miles northeast of sea, Thanh dat 01 and Guo Shun 21 after the collision Thanh dat 01 began to fill with water, and in a few minutes after the sinking, the incident the ship on 11 seafarers, including nine seamen is Guo Shun 21 quickly rescued, but the remaining two are still missing in the state, said the two missing persons were the captain of this ship as well as the pipe wheel. After the incident, the local authorities to organize and coordinate the waters around the vessels and naval helicopters carried out a large-scale search and rescue operations.

Guo Shun 21 suffered minor injuries.

9 sailors were rescued, in good condition, then transferred to Vung Tau city. Subsequent to the local competent authority for the accident launched a concrete investigation, according to the current understanding of the initial situation, collision of vessels in the cross will encounter a situation, the initial cause of the collision is may be vessels OoW lack of communication and does not comply with the relevant regulations for preventing collisions are. In addition Thanh Dat 01 to take action to avoid collision may be too slow and the main reasons causing collision.

The Thanh Dat 01 is loaded with about 2718 tons of steel from Vung Tau city bound for another Vietnam port Nghi Son.

Guo Shun 21 (IMO: 8674883) from Yokohama to Japan Phu My en route to Vung tau.

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