86 years of operation! Churchill port eventually closed

- Aug 09, 2016-

July 25th, private management company Omnitrax announced the closure of the port of Churchill, the company operating in the United States and Canada railway freight and port operations.

It is understood that Churchill harbor is the first deepwater port in the Canadian Arctic Ocean, the deepwater port to the North American new world to the old continent of Europe to shorten the route distance of 1600 km. Usually in late July to early November, is the region's shipping industry's peak season, the port's closure means that this year's shipping season in the beginning of the season has ended.

Churchill mainly from Manitoba and Saskatchewan export food, minerals, timber to European countries and the European countries of iron ore, iron and steel, oil and other products imported into Canada.

The port has a long history, as early as in 1930, the Canadian government built mounds Ji port and the Hudson Bay Railway, improve the possibilities of the import and export of western Canada, promote the northern industrial and social development.

However, after the company bought port Churchill encountered the world grain market downturn, rising insurance premiums and other adverse factors, the company has been trying to sell Churchill port in recent years, but can not find a buyer, and finally had to close it.

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