3rd IATA Paperless Aircraft Operations And RFID Conference

- May 19, 2016-

Program highlights

 The wide-array of Conference Speakers will provide a robust multi-stakeholder perspective and will include representatives from:

  • Airlines: To be confirmed

  • Regulators: FAA, EASA to be confirmed

  • OEMs: Boeing, others to be confirmed

  • Standardization Bodies: ATA e-Business

The agenda will feature a range of topics including:

  • IATA Paperless Aircraft Operations Transition Roadmap update

  • RFID programs: OEM perspective

  • RFID technology for Aircrfat Maintenance: Airlines perspective

  • Digital siganture for electronic maintenance records

  • ICAO and IATA cooperation on Electronic Maintenance Records

  • Electronic Log Book and its implementation and intergration, connecitvity

  • Aircraft Lease / Ownership trnasfers with Electronic Maintenance Records

  • Aircraft Lease Transfer latest Guidance on Best Practices

Join us for the Boeing facility tour at the end of the event - registration is limited!

Check back soon for the full, confirmed agenda.

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