2018 International Logistics And Transportation Fair In China Shenzhen

- Oct 17, 2018-

What changes have taken place in the 40th anniversary freight forwarding industry?

1, Reform and opening up are related to us.

2018 is the fortieth year since China implemented the reform and opening-up policy in 1978. The changes of the forty years include all aspects of our life, such as economy, culture, education, opening to the outside world and so on. Our country is becoming stronger and stronger, and the people's life is becoming better and better. As the leader said, "The people's needs have changed from the improvement of life to the higher pursuit of a better life." We are glad to see all the changes around us. Our children have a better education, the elderly have a better social security, and the economy has become prosperous with our efforts. Speaking of this, I think it's time to talk about today's theme. As a new force of reform and opening up, our truck drivers are the economic artery of the Republic. How has our freight industry changed?

2. What has our market gone through?

*In the past

Speaking of the changes in the freight market, the first thing to think of is the change in the way of looking for goods. After the reform and opening up, with the development of the transport industry, began to have the Ministry of Information, with the logistics parking lot. It was a reminiscent time when everyone went to the parking lot to look for goods, to watch the small blackboard in the freight department, and then a group of people talked about how to run here, and the drivers who had been there would say how the road was going.

It wasn't worth running. How much money would be left for the next job, and then a group of people bargained with the information department. Anyway, it felt like the parking lot was so busy. Three or five riders will meet in a parking lot to find goods, eat together and talk about the operation of everyone.

* Financial policy is a tiger.

Later, the freight industry ushered in a new change in financial policy into our lives, buy a car is not so far away. More and more drivers are abandoning their jobs and turning to private loans to buy their own cars, and car dealers'sales are soaring. Of course, this is beneficial to the development of the freight industry, greatly reducing the cost of logistics and increasing the volume of road freight transport, but for drivers this impact is fatal, freight rates plummeted, parking lots began to be overcrowded, operating profits dropped sharply, we have lost the right to bargain with shippers. No one worries about finding a car again. In order to make money, we abandoned our previous plan of taking a few days off, began to rely on the number of transports to increase income, and gradually returned home to become a luxury.

3. International Logistics changes by science and technology

Time continues to drive the continuing changes in the freight market. Some people say that technology will change life and change the future, which many people did not believe in in the past. But time has proved once again that technology will change our lives, and this time the change is still very thorough. Just two years ago, a group of freight APPs, such as trucks and trucks, began to come into our sight. With a series of marketing tools, they survived successfully, and the better they lived. From the long-term development of the freight market, the entry of freight information into the network is the trend of the times. Their existence can further reduce the logistics costs, improve the efficiency of freight transportation, and reduce the empty rate. A few days ago, full and truck Gang began a new round of reform, began to change the original pricing model for the driver quotation model, which is a nightmare for many drivers. Because many of them have only joined the transport force in recent years, and are not sure about the cost of each trip, I think this will put many new people in trouble, but also many old people in trouble. But when Manbang acquired Zhihong Logistics and began to build our own transport capacity, my father and I felt that our transportation route should be coming to an end soon, but it would not be too fast.

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