Let's know more information about internation logistics

- Nov 05, 2018-

TG Forwarder can ship phone to worldwide.   

Let's know more information about logistics.

Logistics is an activity that includes transportation, handling, storage, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, circulation processing and logistics information processing. It is an economic activity that flows from supply to reception to meet social needs.

Electronic Commerce

E-commerce logistics, also known as online logistics, is a new business model based on Internet technology, aiming to creatively promote the development of animal epidemic industry; through the Internet, logistics companies can be actively found by a wider range of cargo owners and customers, and can expand business nationwide and even worldwide; trading companies and factories can be more effective. Quickly find the most suitable logistics company with cost-effective ratio; online logistics is committed to attracting the largest number of cargo owners and logistics companies with logistics demand and logistics services all over the world, providing a neutral, honest and free online logistics trading market to help both sides of the logistics supply and demand reach transactions efficiently. More and more customers have found customers, partners and overseas agents through the online logistics market. The greatest value of online logistics is more opportunities.

The advent of e-commerce era has brought new development to global logistics, which has a series of new characteristics: informatization, automation, networking, intelligence, flexibility and green logistics.

Nowadays, besides self-operation mode, alliance mode and third-party logistics, crowdsourcing logistics mode has appeared in the logistics of e-commerce.

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