Changzhi dual 11-express delivery tasks total ended up 97.5% from last year

- Feb 01, 2016 -

On November 25, the reporter was informed, postal service, since, Changzhi city "double 11" courier delivery all over, the city's total business volume reached 1.55 million which was doubled last year, despite the surge in shipments this year, but did not appear in Changzhi city blowing up, and so on.

According to the municipal administration of postal market supervision Division staff, this year's "double 11" period, the express business volume doubled in the city, but the amount was far below the amount of receipt, from 11th to 22nd express business volume reached 1.55 million, up 97.5% from a year earlier, peak from 13th to 21st, 15th peaked out, daily express 165,000.

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